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Publié : 16 mai 2009
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Environment Vincent

Too many plastic bags are thrown away in the environement.
textile bags or carboard boxes should be used instead of plastic bags.
a lot of waste and garbage (not) are cleaned all the plastic boxes and badges must be recycled ! It’s important for our planet.
many object can be reused


do not throw paper in the nature.
do not throw the anycohere.
do not throw waste produtcs into the street.
paper should not be thrown in the nature.


A comic must be thrown away in the paper box.
Plastics are thrown in the garbages box spécial.
a bus ticket must be thrown away in the paper contenair


black board are wilded of at the end of class.
food and drinks are forbidden in corridor and classrooms
gums are not allowed during the class
lights are switch of.